The Parade survey found that 78 percent of online shoppers made their first purchase within the last two years.

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e-commerceEcommerce Shopping Carts are becoming one of the essential and primary uses of the Internet, with existing businesses or companies leaning and expanding towards eBusiness. It is a great intermediate for generating extra money for your business and has the benefit of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and has a worldwide reach.

3 Shades of Blue Web Design, designs and builds E-Commerce Shopping Carts using programming language PHP, ASP or ASP.NET. Most of our ecommerce sites incorporate a PHP Shopping Cart, which is robust and very steady. We offer a custom solution, which means that the site can be designed to your requirements and our shopping cart software can be incorporated into your own unique looking website. Major advantage with E-commerce enabled websites is its quicker order processing technique. Using the authority of Internet you can take orders from your associates or clients online and carry those goods rapidly than the conventional business routines.

3 Shades of Blue Web Design invests a lot in advance expertise in latest technical tools such as ASP, .NET, PHP, and various open source tools, thus contributing solutions that are well-suited with your business needs and are following existing market trends.

We utilize the following E-commerce Shopping carts: ShopSite, PrestaShop New!, Avactis New!, Marketecture, Magento, CubeCart, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, AgoraCart, OpenCart New!, TomatoCart New!

There are sites like ECWID which is a very robust and great online store program that intregrates beautifully in a website or on Facebook, however they do charge a monthly fee for any items over 10, but the benefits outweighs the cost. They are our preferred online store vendor of choice.

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3 shades of Blue Web Design can help you discover the best way to market and show your online store in the best way. Design is only a small part of the overall concept in selling your products and creating "Brand Management".

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What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce in its simplest form can be defined as the procedure of buying and selling products or services via electronic means, in particular the Internet. In order for an online retail store to be successful, an effective e-commerce solution should be implemented that can satisfy the requirement of not only your business but your customers as well.
There are two major concerns of any online e-commerce website, as outline below:

Front-End Pages

Front-end customer pages describe the webpages viewed and experienced by your customers who browse through your catalogue of products and services on offer as well as purchasing the particular items that they've selected to buy. In brief, these web pages are the ones that visitors can see and interact with. Your customers must be able to navigate your e-commerce store with ease and simplicity, to ensure a positive shopping experience on your website. A range of their activities include:
  • Browse and search your store for products and services on offer, viewing and adding them to a shopping basket for subsequent checkout
  • View a catalogue of the latest and best-selling products or services, as well as specials and discounts
  • Read the latest news about your online store and business as a whole
  • Inspect their previous purchase transactions, printing statements and managing their account.
  • Save shopping baskets for future inspection and managing a wish list

Back-End Pages

Administrative back-end pages refer to the webpages that have been secured so you can direct your e-commerce store, manage your product and service entries and examine applicable figures so you can make necessary amendments when required.
A protected administration interface will provide you with all-inclusive control over your online store and ensure your e-commerce store is precisely as you want it to be. To provide your customers with the best possible shopping, it is essential you:
  • Administer the progress and statuses of all of your online orders
  • Manage your complete product and service directory by adjusting, including, hiding or removing inventory
  • Manage your customers, associates and shareholders
  • Adjust your website arrangements to make improvements to performance and function
  • Oversee real-time product and service transactions and statistics

A custom–made E-commerce solution from 3 Shades of Blue Web Design can deliver the following advantages to your online business:
Reduced expenses: One of the most incredible advantages of an Ecommerce website is the minimal charges! It is definitely the most inexpensive way to establish and preserve an online business. No costly leasing or employee fees, maintenance and upkeep expenses, or any of the other expenditures that can often be too much for many small business operators.
Global Audience: The World Wide Web has the incredible capacity to advance and grow your industry into a much wider global market. With an improved client base, your online e-commerce store now has the capability of reaching a much more impressive number of quality buying consumers. The vast reach of an eCommerce system is one of the more beneficial advantages!
Never Close Your Doors: Your optimized eCommerce website is open for business and accessible to your amplified client base, 24/7. This will noticeably improve the prospect of high quality traffic being directed to your site, delivering online sales during every hour of every day.
Improve Online Standing: Thanks to a made-to-order Search Engine Optimization marketing plan, your e-Commerce website will be extremely prominent in search engines and local directories placing you in the best position to attract prospective customers.

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